X10 PLM04 Lamp Module (PLM01 replacement)

AGC Automatic Gain Control helps reduce electrical noise surrounding the unit, making it more reliable!
Instantly makes any lamp Automated!
Dimming Capabilities for your dimmable bulbs

he PLM04 is the successor to the preferred PRO Lamp Module, the PLM01! The PLM04 Lamp Module makes adding X10 on/off and dimming Regulate in your upper wattage Lighting fixtures simple & simple. It gives wireless plug-in Regulate of incandescent bulbs rated forty-three hundred watts and provides dimming Regulate (with Automated Achieve Regulate) despite the fact that the lamp wasn’t in a position to dim before. This module additionally responds to “All Lighting fixtures On” command – a characteristic you might have come to be expecting from X10 Professional equipment.
AGC Automated Achieve Regulate is helping cut back electric noise surrounding the unit, making it more dependable!
Straight away makes any lamp Automatic!
Dimming Features to your dimmable bulbs


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