Watts B911S-M3 Hot Water Boiler Fill

Watts 0386462 1/2″ B911S-M3 Water Regulator
Solder x NPT
Model 9D backflow preventer

Collection B911, B911S Bronze Aggregate Fill Valve and Backflow Preventers are to be used in business and home hydronic heating techniques to supply makeup water to the boiler, and save you backflow while provide Power falls under machine Power. It is composed of a bronze Watts Style 9D backflow preventer and a bronze Watts Style 1156F feed water Power regulator in a single pre-assembled unit. Style B911 has union NPT x NPT connections. Style B911S has union solder x NPT connections. The Collection B911, B911S has a prime capability fill valve that gives fast machine filling and purging. It’s designed to be used within the boiler feed strains of hydronic heating techniques. Most Power: 100psi (6.9 bar).
Watts 0386462 half of” B911S-M3 Water Regulator
Solder x NPT
Style 9D backflow preventer
Bronze frame development


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