Vacmaster VWM510 Wall Mount Wet/Dry Vacuum Powered by Industrial 2-Stage Motor with Remote Control, 5 Gallon, 5 Peak HP

Easily detaches from wall
On board storage for all accessories
Blower function and 21 feet of secure fit hose

This wall-mounted vac is perfect for the garage or basement and easily detaches from the wall for portable cleaning anywhere in the house. Powerful 5 HP wet/dry vacuum comes with a dual turbo industrial 2-stage motor, delivering maximum suction, quiet operation and long life. Easy to make use of with remote Keep an eye on on/off switch on contour Maintain, which also has suction Keep an eye on. Comes with 21 feet of hose for an additional-long reach for cleaning vehicle interiors. Vac also features 5-gallon polypropylene tank, ultra-quiet operation, blower function, large dust-sealed on/off switch, onboard accessory storage, 20-ft. cord with cord wrap and large carry Maintain for simple transport. Accessories include: 1 7/8in. x 10ft. flex hose, 1 7/8in. x 11ft. crushproof hose, 2 extension wands, washable cartridge filter and foam sleeve, round dust brush, combo floor nozzle with brush, crevice tool, car nozzle and air/noise diffuser.
A product of meticulous research and testing, the Vacmaster VWM510 Wall-Mount Vac sets a new standard for wet/dry vacs. It easily detaches from the wall for fast, efficient cleanup jobs in your garage and around your home. Complete with a five-gallon tank and a handy remote Keep an eye on right at the Maintain, the VWM510 makes on a regular basis vacuuming and blowing tasks less of a chore.

The Vacmaster VWM510 Detachable Blower Vac
At a Glance:

  • Wall-mountable vacuum with best-in-class suction
  • Industrial-grade 5 HP (peak) motor
  • Remote Keep an eye on on handle
  • On-board storage for cord, hoses, and accessories
  • Quiet 74-dB operation
  • Large dust-sealed power switch

21 feet of hose for quite a few reach.
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Easy mount and on-board
storage saves space. View larger.
Contour Maintain with remote Keep an eye on saves time and steps. View larger.
Clean out your car, vacuum up loose dirt, clear debris off your workbench, blow leaves out of your garage, and more.
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Powerful, Best-in-Class Suction
No cleanup job is too big for the VWM510 wall-mount vac. Powered by a five-horsepower (peak), industrial-grade dual turbo motor, the VWM510 tackles big messes and spills other vacs leave at the back of. In reality, in side-by-side tests, the VWM510 significantly outperforms the competition in raw suction power, and it also has the quietest operation in its class–just 74 dB. What’s more, this vacuum’s cartridge filter is washable, and it may be used for wet or dry pickup.

Remote Keep an eye on Maintain Saves Time
Just as easy to make use of as it’s powerful, the VWM510 features an innovative Maintain with a remote Keep an eye on power switch. The dust-sealed power switch will give you Keep an eye on of the vacuum at your fingertips, saving time and footsteps.

Strong, Durable Construction
Thanks to its quality components and polypropylene construction, the VWM510 is ultra-durable, this means that it’ll operate efficiently year after year. What’s more, its impressive lineup of useful features makes jobs like cleaning out the garage and vacuuming up loose dirt a breeze. There may be even a blower feature for clearing debris off your workbench, blowing leaves out of your garage, and more.

Plenty of Reach
The VWM510 has 21 feet of hose–a 10-foot flex hose and and 11-foot standard hose–in addition to a 20-foot power cord, so no mess is ever out of reach. With the sort of long range, the VWM510 also allows you to keep with reference to the mess–not the vacuum–so you are able to hear such things as the doorbell or phone even as you’re cleaning.

Wall Mounts for Easy Storage
The VWM510 installs quickly on just one stud, which makes for simple wall detachment and outstanding portability. And to assist keep things organized, There may be quite a few on-board storage for the cord, hoses, and wide array of included accessories.

The VWM510 is backed by a two-year warranty.

What’s in the Box
VWM510; countour Maintain with remote Keep an eye on and suction Keep an eye on; 10-foot x 1-7/8-inch flex hose; 11-foot x 1-7/8-inch hose; two extension wands; cartridge filter and foam sleeve; round dust brush; floor/utility nozzle; crevice tool; car nozzle; air noise diffuser; and side tool caddy.

Includes the entire attachments you wish to have to get the job done.

Easily detaches from wall
On board storage for all accessories
Blower function and 21 feet of safe fit hose
Large On/Off switch you’ll’t miss
20 foot cord with cord wrap
























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