Troy DPH11 Professional Series 11 Foot Drywall & Panel Lift Hoist

Our Troy drywall lift is produced from an all welded steel construction, tool-free assembly and teardown, single stage winch with brake, and can be utilized by one person. It has a 11-foot maximum reach for horizontal ceilings and a 15-foot maximum reach for walls (decided by the 11-foot max lift and half the length of drywall). It may possibly hold a 4-by-16-foot single sheet capacity, with a 150 lbs load rating, has 5-inch casters, and weighs 110lbs. MaxTool also backs up this lift with a Two Year Warranty for parts or factory defects.

Product Description

From the Manufacturer

Troy DPH11 Heavy Duty 11-Foot Drywall Lift

DPH11 Single Stage Winch
Single-stage winch with deal with and braking mechanism for simple and protected lifting.
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Turn a Two Man Job into One

Drywall sheets can weigh as much as 105 pounds making installation a two man (and even three man) job. With a Troy drywall lift, you’ll be able to install full sheets of drywall in a fraction of the time and you’ll be able to do it all by yourself. The Troy drywall lift is easy to setup, simple to operate, and is built from commercial grade steel. It’s rugged enough to be used on a professional job web page and easy enough for a do-it-yourself job in your home.

DPH11 Rubberized Feet
Backstop with rubberized feet prevents any movement of the drywall lift. Click to View

  • Eliminate risk of injury because of the heavy lifting and placing of drywall sheets
  • Welded steel construction
  • Single stage winch with brake
  • No tools required to assemble
  • Breaks down sufficiently small to slot in the trunk of a car
  • Tilts laterally making it easy to put in drywall on sloped ceilings
  • Backstop with Rubberized Feet: Prevents any movement of the drywall lift at the same time as drywall is loaded and in position for hanging on a wall. Once your lift is in place, simply flip the backstop down and your lift and sheet of drywall are protected.

    DPH11 Support Hooks
    Beef up hooks protected the drywall at the lift and prevents it from sliding off all through placement.
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    Support Hooks: Secures the drywall at the lift and prevents it from sliding off all through placement. Also helps pivot the drywall sheet into place so It’s flush against the wall and adds Beef up to forestall the perimeters of drywall sheets from getting crushed and broken.

    Telescoping Arms: Extend and permit you to hoist even monster 16-foot sheets of drywall. Sheets this size can weigh as much as 105 pounds and will require a couple of people to put in and not using a drywall lift.

  • Max reach for horizontal ceilings: 11 feet (15 feet with optional extension, sold one at a time)
  • Max single sheet capacity: as much as 4-foot by 16-foot
  • Max Reach for walls: 15 feet (decided by the 11-foot max lift and half the length of an ordinary drywall sheet)
  • Max load rating: 150-pound capacity
  • Easy rolling heavy duty 5-inch casters
  • DPH11 Step 1DPH11 ArrowDPH11 Step 2DPH11 ArrowDPH11 Step 3
    Easy one person assembly.















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