Tamper Resistan Gfi Gfci Outlet 15 Amp 120 Volt 1 Pack White


case of 1 gfi,s IN WHITE COLOR
The Tamper Resistant Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) is applicable to a circuit of AC 60Hz,125VAC, 15A current, and may give electric shock protection and save you the dangers of electrical fire resulting from ground fault current of electrical equipment’s insulated damage and save you the double grounding of load neutral line.

These devices supply a suite of circuits which might be in a position to performing an automated take a look at on main elements of a circuit interrupting device when the circuit interrupting device is correctly powered and the device is at a tripped state to decide whether or not these main elements serve as properly. Automatic end of life detection and warn purposes, when GFCI fails, the red signal lamp will Auto-warn to remind user. (Prevents line lode reversal miss-wiring) GFCI can’t be reset and no power to the hole if stressed out incorrectly.

Key Features

Exceeds UL (2008)
Class A rated GFCI
reliable below temperature from -35°C to 66°C.
Extra sturdy talent to forestall lightning strike serve as, can bear 6000V, 10000A current’s impulsion instantaneously
Withstand shock, warmth, corruption and moisture.
Adopt duplex outlet faceplate, load terminal can load not unusual receptacle and other home compliances which even have ground fault give protection to serve as
Wiring screw adopts improved tension disc construction, making 10#-14#AWF copper wire reliable connect


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