Stiebel Eltron TEMPRA 29 PLUS Pressure Balancing Electric Tankless Water Heater,


Pressure Balancing Electric Tankless Water Heater for 3 Bath Home Features Unlimited Supply of Hot Water: Assists in keeping heating water right away as you require. The Tempra(tm) system completely replaces a conventional tank heater without a disruption for your comfort and hot water needs. Saves Energy and Reduces Your Electric Bill: Electric tank type water heaters are subject to face-by losses which amount to 15 – 20% of the kWH used. Changing to a tankless system leads to savings of 15 – 20%. Keep an eye on Temperature Just by Setting a Dial: Set the knob on the front cover and experience water temperatures between 86 degreeF (30 degreeC) and 125 degreeF (52 degreeC). Change the required temperature at anytime. Advanced microprocessor technology ensures that the water temperature never deviates from the set point. Sleek Design Saves Space: The Tempra(tm) takes up considerably less space than conventional tank type water tanks and saves valuable living space. Proven Reliability: Stiebel Eltron has an enviable track record of engineering excellence and product quality. The 3 years parts warranty is unique within the industry. You’ll depend on the Tempra(tm) for many years yet to come. Go with the flow Keep an eye on Throttle: Assists in keeping a constant temperature regardless of the weight strains. Tempra 29 vs. Tempra 29 Plus: The Tempra 29 Plus (this model) expands on the Tempra 29 (Discontinued) by adding a pressure balancing feature to the unit. Must a unit be hooked as much as a couple of application, for instance, a shower and a kitchen faucet, the demand for hot water might every so often exceed the capabilities of the tankless water heater. Must this happen when the use of the older Tempra 29, the water temperature would drop. Since up to date, when the use of the Tempra 29 Plus, the unit will properly lower the cold water pressure to atone for the demand, leading to a total drop in water pressure on the shower and kitchen sink faucet, but temperature remains constant. Specifications Voltage: 208/240 Wattage: 21.6/28













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