Spyker 50 lb. Spreader

The enclosed gears do not get dirty or fouled
Uses a metal rod for the on/off control instead of a cable
Has an effective spread ranges from 4 – 12 feet wide

Spyker’s 50 lb. spreader with poly hopper is a phenomenal worth for the fee. Take care of height is adjustable for easiest fit to operator. Sure “direct pressure “On/Off operates smoothly and well. 10″pneumatic tires roll simply over easy to semi-tough terrain. Enclosed aluminum gears face up to corrosion for long service lifestyles. Contains display and hopper quilt. Body is powder lined towards corrosion.
The enclosed gears don’t get grimy or fouled
Uses a steel rod for the on/off keep watch over as a substitute of a cable
Has an efficient unfold levels from 4 – 12 ft wide
Pneumatic Tires measure 10 inch
Body is powder lined to struggle towards corrosion


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