Speedway 7342 2-Hp 20-Gallon Vertical Compressor

120 Volt; 60 Hz
2 HP ; 20 Gallon
Made in China

The Speedway 2 HP 20 Gallon Vertical Air Compressor was once designed for prime power and prime potency. The massive 20 gallon tank assists in keeping the air coming longer whilst the 2 HP motor assists in keeping the pressure coming stronger till you free up it at a pleasing 5 CFM at 90 PSI or as much as 6 CFM at 40 PSI. With a Max pressure of 125 PSI it will possibly care for each small and BIG jobs around your garage, home, or shop. And, whilst in use if the pressure falls under 70 PSI the pump will restart and temporarily build back up once more. It comes with a typical 1/four inch air outlet to suit such a lot air hoses for numerous applications and is sponsored through our Speedway Guaranty.
120 Volt; 60 Hz
2 HP ; 20 Gallon
Made in China
5 cfm @ 90 psi ; 6 cfm @ 40 psi
Air outlet: 1/four inch
one hundred twenty-Volt, 60 Hz
2-HP , 20-Gallon
125 Most-PSI , 70-PSI Restart Pressure
five-CFM at ninety-PSI , 6-CFM at forty-PSI
Air outlet- 1/four-Inch


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