Southwire 13054226 14/2WG UF Wire 100-Foot, Approved for Direct Burial Wiring

14/2WG UF Wire 100 Foot Roll
Approved for direct burial
UL Approved; Made in the USA

14 gauge, 2 conductor
With bare copper floor
100 feet.
15 amp, 600 volt
90 level C temp score (with
ampacity restricted to that for
60 level C conductors)
THHN insulated conductors,
PVC jacket
Standard use: underground or
outside programs, outside
receptical, outside submit
lamps, pumps
Do not use in indoor places
UL Indexed
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14/2WG UF Cord 100 Foot Roll
Licensed for direct burial
UL Licensed; Made in the us
Uncoated copper conductors
For programs of direct burial, dwellings now not exceeding 3 flooring above grade, underground feeder to outside lighting fixtures or equipment, uncovered or hid wiring in damp, wet, rainy, dry, and corrosive places, common branch circuit wiring and new wiring or substitute wiring.
Flame retardant, moisture, fungus, and corrosion resistant. Daylight resistant jacket. JC-30B Federal specification, ASTM B-three, ASTM B-8 and NY state DOS 16120-880923-2002.
U.L. Indexed. /2 = 2 insulated wires with bare floor. /three = 3 insulated wires with bare floor.


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