Smith Little Torch Soldering Welding & 5 Tips, Hoses

Made in America
UL Approved
Comes with two 6 hoses.

Smith Little Torch For Jewelry Repair, Manufacture, Hobby, Crafts, Electronics Repair, Metal Sculpture, Plumbing and Glass Blowing It is a new Little Torch. Smiths Little Torch welds an unlimited range of fabrics, brazes and solders the tiniest elements with ease, yet produces enough heat to weld steel as much as 1/8″ thick or melt 3 oz. of silver. Infinite Regulate Weighing best 1.5 ounces, The Little Torch is easily maneuvered in areas inconceivable to achieve with conventional torches. Number of Flame Settings and Sizes Produces a perfectly controlled, stable flame hot enough to soften commercially weldable metals, glass and ceramics with thread-thin flames as much as 6000 degrees F. Unmatched Flexibility Works with any commercially used fuel gas, and strong, flexible hoses connect to any usual pressure regulator. While you pick out up The Little Torch, you already know straight away that you’re holding a magnificent instrument to be able to enable you extend your skills a ways beyond all previous limits. Whether you’re within the first stages of learning your craft or have mastered it completely with more limited tools, The Little Torch will open a new world of possibilities for you. This superbly balanced torch with a rugged aluminum alloy body weighs best 1.5 ounces. The Little Torch includes a thin, extremely lightweight hose which gives added maneuverability. In short, The Little Torch is designed to satisfy probably the most exacting industrial standards for a small, multipurpose torch. The Little Torch has unmatched flexibility — it may be used with a few fuels including acetylene, hydrogen, propane, propylene, Mapp, or natural gas. It produces a perfectly controlled, completely stable flame hot enough to soften commercially weldable metals, glass or even ceramics. The included tips provide a variety of flame lengths and heat output for quite a lot of metals and thickness. The operator can vary the flame length to his/her exact requirements by adjusting the oxygen and fuel ga
Made in The usa
UL Approved
Comes with two 6 hoses.
Comes with 5 tips.
Exceptional conrol for pin point accuracy!

















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