Schlage FE599NX CAM 505 ACC 505 Home Keypad Lever with Z-Wave Technology

Camelot Collection Home Keypad Lever with Z-Wave Technology This Schlage keypad lever perfectly combines the distinctive design of the Camelot Collection with Z-Wave technology. It includes the very best rated deadbolt for residential security, which can also be controlled by a typical key, the keypad, or remotely by smartphone or computer thru a Z-Wave compatible home automation or security system. All of those features are made for installation in quite a few same old door specifications and require no wiring, making this keypad lever the appropriate selection for safety, design, convenience and functionality. Features: Utilize as much as 19 distinctive 4-digit codes Simple installation and easy to make use of and modify Batteries Included Z-Wave Technology: Lets in for Cell Telephone Controlled Locking and Unlocking Customize Lock Codes, Alarms and Schedules Utilizes Z-Wave Wireless Mesh Networking Lets in for Further Integration with Thermostats, Lighting, Cameras and Other Electronics Remote get admission to requires a compatible home automation or security system. The deadbolt will still serve as as a keypad lock with built-in alarm with out such a systems. Please contact your Z-Wave supplier to look if this product is supported. Specifications: Width: 3.2 Height: 7.5 Weight: 5.75 Lock powered by (4) AA Batteries For over 85 years Schlage has supplied householders with cutting edge quality security products. These days, Schlage offers home security solutions from a wide variety of mechanical and electronic security locks and accessories in touch with brand new lifestyles.














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