Rockwell RK3440K VersaCut Circular Saw

Powerful 4.0 Amp mini-circular saw cuts a variety of materials including tile
Slim, ergonomic design is easy to manage and maneuver
Laser indicator helps align cuts

Rockwell’s RK3440K VersaCut is a powerful, multi-functional, ultra-compact circular saw that may cut wood, flooring, plastic, ceramic tile, slate, aluminum or even sheet metal. Its lightweight (four pounds) and streamlined design makes it easy to keep an eye on with just one hand. Strengthen efficiency and comfort with the VersaCut, which removes the want to drag out a large, heavy circular saw to perform identical tasks.

At a Glance

RK3440K VersaCut
At a Glance:

  • One saw that cuts tile, wood, aluminum, sheet metal, PVC, and more
  • Slim body and ergonomic balance allow better keep an eye on—even with one hand
  • Dimensions: Maximum cutting depth of 1-1/16 inches; 3-3/8-inch blade size; weighs 4 pounds
  • Backed by a two-year limited warranty
At a Glance
Rockwell VersaCut
The Rockwell VersaCut is a compact circular saw that is easy to keep an eye on with just one hand (view larger).

Powerful Mini Circular Saw
The Rockwell VersaCut possesses the power of a big, bulky, and heavy circular saw in a compact, well-balanced, lightweight design. Make professional-having a look leads to wood, flooring, plastic, ceramic tile, metal, and more the usage of exclusive Laserguide technology that indicates a precise cutting line. And because of its small size, the VersaCut will provide you with power and accuracy in tight areas that can’t be accessed by regular circular saws.

Professional-Style Results with Just One Hand
The VersaCut—equipped with a 4-amp motor—provides professionals and on a regular basis do-it-yourselfers alike with the unbelievable-having a look results; users can make perfect rip cuts and plunge cuts with the aid of Laserguide technology that ensures users would not have to measure a cut twice (saving money and time). A dust extraction adapter that assists in keeping the cut line clear of dust further improves visibility. And unlike most saws, the VersaCut is designed to cut through materials thicker than 1 inch.

Streamlined Silhouette
Thanks to an extremely slim design, the VersaCut gives you better keep an eye on—and its ergonomically balanced design with rear-motor construction improves user comfort and decreases fatigue. The lock-off switch prevents accidental starting, and the durable full metal inner and outer guard design extends product life. Quick get entry to to the depth-adjustment lever means that you can move the indicator to the desired depth and lock the mechanism with ease.

What’s within the Box
One Rockwell RK3440K VersaCut circular saw with one 24T carbide-tipped blade for cutting wood, one 44T HSS blade for cutting aluminum and PVC, one diamond blade for cutting ceramic tile and cement board, one no-mar plastic base plate cover, one parallel guide, one vacuum adapter and one carrying bag.

Rockwell VersaCut Rockwell VersaCut
The VersaCut easily handles more than a few forms of cuts in wood, concrete, metal, and more (click each and every to enlarge).

Powerful 4.0 Amp mini-circular saw cuts a lot of materials including tile
Slim, ergonomic design is easy to manage and maneuver
Laser indicator helps align cuts
Plunge cut indicators show exact position of blade entry
Easy-to-set depth of cut indicator

























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