Rockler Safety Power Tool Switch

Heavy-duty 15 amp safety switch.
7 foot grounded cord to outlet.
2 foor female cord to power tool.

No want to panic with our hands-free panic button. Simply bump the “Prevent Paddle” to temporarily close off energy. Huge, bright paddle is simple to seek out when you find yourself in a decent spot. Find it close to your hip or knee and you can by no means need to take your hands off the workpiece. Nice to be used with router tables or any workbench where you employ a stationary energy device.

Includes 7 foot grounded wire to outlet and 2 foot feminine wire to energy device for speedy plug-in and use. Mounts to Rockler metal shop stands or every other surface with screws. Heavy-duty 15 amp transfer. Strong development takes the hits and helps to keep on ticking.
Heavy-duty 15 amp protection transfer.
7 foot grounded wire to outlet.
2 foor feminine wire to energy device.
Mounts with screws.


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