Revolv M1 Smart Home Automation Solution

Unify & automate all your smart devices under one App
Create scenes such as “shutdown house at night,” “come home to a warm, well lit house,” “daytime settings,” “movie night,” or “music time” to simultaneously control all of your devices, including lights, locks, thermostats & speakers
Start automating quickly with 60 Second Setup

Unify, keep watch over and automate you favourite home devices from any emblem or manufacturer with the Sensible Home Automation Controller by way of Revolv. Wirelessly function a single tool or more than one devices in combination seamlessly by way of your smartphone or pill with the Revolv app, and create events that come with your thermostats, speakers, lighting fixtures, locks, sensors, shops and more.
Unify & automate your whole Sensible devices below one App
Create scenes such as “shutdown area at night,” “come home to a heat, smartly lit area,” “daytime settings,” “movie night,” or “music time” to concurrently keep watch over all your devices, together with lighting fixtures, locks, thermostats & speakers
Get started automating temporarily with 60 2d Setup
Monitor & keep watch over your own home from anyplace on the planet
No contracts, per 30 days fees, or skilled installation required


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