Precision Products TBS7000RDOS 7 Series 200-Pound Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader with Rain Cover

200 lbs Capacity
15-Inch treaded turf tires
Single lever control

Tow In the back of Broadcast Spreader Spread the whole thing from fertilizer to seed to ice meters and more with the Tow In the back of Broadcast Spreader. Durable poly hopper, coated components and long lasting plastic closure plates resists corrosion. Positive over center waft adjustment ensures accurate calibration. Broadcast spreaders cut down at the selection of passes vital to totally cover your lawn because of their wide distribution pattern. This reduces over fertilizing and under fertilizing. Features: . Powder Coated Steel Tubing . Heavy Duty Plastic Body . Yellow Dichromate Finished Hardware . Hitch Pin Included . Finger Tip Cable Keep watch over Item Specifications: Capacity: 50 lbs. 75 lbs. 100 lbs. 130 lbs. 200 lbs. Swath: 50 lbs: 8-10ft 75 lbs: 10-12ft 100 lbs: 10-12ft 130 lbs: 10-12ft 200 lbs: 10-12ft Wheels: 50 lbs: 12″ High Strength Plastic Poly 75 lbs: 10″ High Strength Plastic Poly 100 lbs: 130 lbs: 15″ Treaded Turf 200 lbs: 15″ Treaded Turf Tires
The Precision Products TBS7000RDOS commercial tow-In the back of broadcast spreader permits for fast and simple spreading at the same time as towing In the back of such a lot any tractor or other vehicle with its universal hitch and hitching pin. It generous-sized hopper (6,912 cubic inches or as much as 200 pounds) and rugged construction are suited to jobsite conditions. A single-lever Keep watch over may also be easily reached at the same time as sitting at the tractor, bearing in mind quick and simple adjustments to spreading pattern, which may also be adjusted from 10- to twelve-feet wide for fast distribution, at the same time as left, center, and right adjustable spread patterns allow for meeting more than a few working conditions.

The spreader is constructed with an additional-strong 1-1/4-inch powder-coated steel tube frame, a heavy-duty plastic hopper with a wrap-around reinforce for added strength, metal gears with grease fittings, and a steel mesh hopper screen for sturdiness and reduced clogging and upkeep. Two heavy-duty 15-inch pneumatic treaded turf tires with steel wheels provide ease of movement over various terrains and in even difficult conditions. A at hand rain cover is supplied for spreading in inclement weather conditions. All parts are covered with a 90-day limited warranty, and assembly will have to take about thirty minutes.–Jeffrey Dalto

What’s within the Box
Spreader, rain cover

200 lbs Capacity
15-Inch treaded turf tires
Single lever Keep watch over
10-foot to twelve-foot spread pattern
Metal gears incased in metal gear box with a grease fitting


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