Powermate Vx 034-0226RP Pressure Switch

105-135 psi
4 Port with bleeder
Powermate pressure switch is durable and long lasting

Powermate Vx 034-0226RP Force Transfer is a member of a big line of Powermate authentic replacement portions. A Force Transfer is designed to keep an eye on air Force within the compressor. Change a Force Transfer with a brand new Powermate Vx Force Transfer if the compressor motor is chopping out or now not turning on at the right kind PSI. Powermate is likely one of the international’s major brands of moveable and standby electrical turbines, air compressors, water pumps, air equipment, Force washers, and equipment.
one zero five-one hundred thirty five psi
4 Port with bleeder
Powermate Force Transfer is sturdy and lengthy lasting
New Powermate Force Transfer lets in air compressor to run at its such a lot environment friendly capability, turning off and on the motor at the proper psi


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