OSMO Polyx Hard Wax Oil 2.5 Liter

OSMO Polyx-Oil, The original Hardwax Oil from all natural oils and waxes
Clear Stain Matt Finish
645 Square Feet one coat coverage 2.5L

From the manufacturer: OSMO Polyx-Oil (The unique Hardwax Oil) is our favourite ground End and is constituted of natural oils and waxes. Key ingredients in Hardwax Oil come with sunflower, soybean and thistle oil, plus two onerous, natural waxes-carnauba and candelilla. A Brazilian palm tree, Copernica cerifera, produces the carnauba in its leaves, berries and stalks. Villagers reduce down fronds, dry them for a couple of days, after which beat off the wax. The candelilla comes from the outer coating on a desert shrub, Euphorbia antisyphiliti, that grows in northern Mexico. Farmers boil the leaves and stems with water and acid to unencumber the wax. That is an oil-based totally product. Like so much finishes-even water-based totally ones-it wishes a solvent to accomplish correctly. OSMO uses the most secure one who works with oil-based totally finishes: benzene-free, low-odor mineral spirits. That is an aliphatic petroleum distillate, because of this this can be a petroleum product that has its carbon atoms organized in open chains as a substitute of earrings. The more poisonous, aromatic or ring hydrocarbons have been got rid of, leading to a milder odor.
OSMO Polyx-Oil, The unique Hardwax Oil from all natural oils and waxes
Transparent Stain Matt End
645 Sq. Feet one coat protection 2.5L
Sunflower oil, Soybean oil, Thissle oil, Carnauba and Candelilla wax













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