Newer Spreader Model 200 Basic

Model 200 Newer Spreader
Drop Pin Hitch is standard equipment!
Standard Agitator is included!

You NEED this! More recent SpreaderĀ® is a at hand, moveable, Light-weight manure spreader to your horse farm that may be pulled with a small garden tractor, 4 wheeler, golf cart, and so forth. It is a very easy-to-use selection to these heavy, pricey barn implements you might be used to seeing. Model 200 Specification: -Light-weight, mill-end aluminum, 125 pounds. -Balanced, absolutely or partly loaded. -Smooth and quiet discharge of the manure and bedding. -Empties the burden in about 300 feet. Holds 13 cubic feet of subject material, which is approximately 11 bushels. -Duration – 6 ft. – 4 ft. Wide – 31 inches in height *6 ft in Duration from the back of the spreader to the drop pin hitch within the front. Width is measured from the out of doors of each and every tire. -Weight – approx. 125 lbs. – We ship the units out UNASSEMBLED most effective within the continental US.
Model 200 More recent Spreader
Drop Pin Hitch is Same old apparatus!
Same old Agitator is included!
Comprised of Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and Galvanized Steel portions.
*Ball Hitch and Tarp Quilt are sold one by one!!


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