Murray MPA115AFCP 15-Amp Single Pole 120-volt Plug-On Combination AFCI Breaker

UL Listed AFCI Breaker
Combination Type
Plug in load center mounting

The Aggregate Sort AFCI differs from the Branch/Feeder AFCI in its talent to detect series arcing faults. The Branch/Feeder AFCI can best detect line-to-neutral and line-to-flooring arcing faults. Aggregate AFCIs supply coverage in opposition to the prime-energy parallel (line-to-neutral and line-to-flooring) arcing and coffee-energy series arcing. “Aggregate” does NOT mean an AFCI + GFCI. Aggregate = parallel + series arcing. Aggregate AFCIs give protection to downstream branch circuit wiring, twine sets and tool supply cords. Murray Aggregate Sort AFCI commute indicators supply a useful research instrument to lend a hand electricians pinpoint the kind of commute. These indicators are within the type of LEDs that seem close to the deal with of the breaker. The LED indications will seem for 5 seconds every time the AFCI is turned “ON” as much as 30 days after the last commute.
UL Indexed AFCI Breaker
Aggregate Sort
Plug in load middle mounting


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