Monticello Greenhouse Work Bench Kit

Monticello Greenhouse Work Bench Kit. The Monticello Work Station Kit is in particular designed for the Monticello line of greenhouses. The Work Station can also be installed either all over initial construction or at a later time. The Kit Features a full run (24″ deep) to be used on both sides of the Monticello greenhouse. The industrial grade and design of the Work Station permits for speedy installation (about 20 minutes) and flexibility. For the reason that installation of the fortify bars uses the interior bolt tracks the shelving may well be set at any height inside the greenhouse (as much as 4ft off the bottom). The sturdy vented shelving units on the Work Station are made out of commercial grade high have an effect on PVC. The vents allow water and air to circulate in addition to allowing sunlight to succeed in underneath the Work Bench. The attitude fortify design permits free of charge flowing movement without concern for fortify legs to shuttle over when working on the workbench. Similar to our greenhouses, the Monticello Work Station Kit is proudlymade in the us from begin to finish. Weight Capacity: 8′ x 8′: 600 lbs 8′ x 12′: 900 lbs 8′ x 16′: 900 lbs 8′ x 20′: 1,400 lbs 8′ x 24′: 1,500 lbs Assembly Required. Materials: Metal and Plastic. Every Bench Kit is 30″W x 24″ Deep


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