Mini Split Air Conditioner & Heat Pump Line Set Cover Kit

Standard Professional Grade For Durability And Weather Resistant
Tube Material Makes Easy Cut to Fit Installations
Includes: (2) 39″ Hide-A-Line Tubing 3″; (1) Wall Cover Cap 3″; (1) Coupler 3″; (1) End Cap 3″


Whole Package Contains Covers To Accommodate Such a lot Programs To Give protection to And Cover Wiring And Connection Traces For A Swish, Polished Finish. Inner and external software. Tube Subject matter makes Simple Minimize to suit installations.
Usual Skilled Grade For Sturdiness And Climate Resistant
Tube Subject matter Makes Simple Minimize to Are compatible Installations
Contains: (2) 39″ Cover-A-Line Tubing three”; (1) Wall Quilt Cap three”; (1) Coupler three”; (1) Finish Cap three”
Colour – White/Paintable; Hardware Incorporated


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