Maxair P5125H1-MAP 25 gallon Air Compressor

18.5 [email protected] PSI
5.0 horsepower
220 volts;23 amps

The Maxair P5125H1-MAP is a top rate, commercial 5 HP electrical 220-volt, 25 gallon air compressor. The ASME tank includes a prime go with the flow 3 piston forged iron “V” taste pump that generates 18.5 CFM at 100 PSI and max 170 PSI. This compressor is supplied with prime potency Reed valves for longer lifestyles, all steel belt protect for optimum cooling, and liquid stuffed non vibrating power gauge for simple learn, car drop top rate air filters.
18.5 [email protected] hundred PSI
5.0 horsepower
220 volts;23 amps
Moveable simple wheels
ASME qualified tank


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