M-D Building Products 92325 48″ Rail Smart Tool Level with Case,

48-Inch SmartTool with Module And Case Welcome to the versatile world of SmartTool. Most levels only provide you with information at level (0 degrees) and plumb (90 degrees) the usage of bubbles you need to work to center visually between two lines. You’ll be able to do this with SmartTool, too, however the SmartTool also allows you to measure digitally, electronically, and with a real number, at each angle, all 360 degrees of an entire circle. So installing a deck, stair rail, extending a roof or determining how much an old floor has sagged is simpler, less time consuming, and more accurate. SmartTool is simple to make use of. Just press the on/off button and SmartTool will show you the angle of any surface with decimal-point accuracy. The display even flips over with the level so SmartTool at all times reads right side up And it shuts off robotically after 6 minutes when it isn’t being used, all this from a typical, 9-volt battery. And, SmartTool can take abuse other levels cannot, because its components are made of high strength materials and You’ll be able to reset it to factory accuracy with the touch of a button. Simple to make use of SmartTool allows you to find level and plumb in two ways. For quick references, use the sensitive bubble vials. For highly precise work, use the digital display at the Sensor Module. It provides accuracy to 1/10 of a degree. But the true benefit of the SmartTool is that it also reads all of the other angles bubble vials do not. So whilst you don’t seem to be coping with level or plumb, SmartTool quickly tells what the angle is and what the angle must be. And only SmartTool lets you measure angles three different ways: degrees, percent slope, and pitch (rise over run). Read in Degrees Set saw blade angles to a fraction of degree accuracy with SmartTool. Assure there’s no gap whilst you sign up for 2 cuts in conjunction with .1 degree accuracy














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