Jupiter Hub, HUB520, by Lowes Iris, Cert ID: ZC08-13050005

Z-Wave Certification ID: ZC08-13050005
Frequency Region: U.S./Canada/Mexico, Z-Wave Library Version: 4.53
Device Categories: Gateway Controllers,Controllers

The Jupiter Hub is an embedded in-house z-wave controller Software which connects to our knowledge centres the use of broadband or Cell community. It helps each Z-Wave and Zigbee.
Z-Wave Certification ID: ZC08-13050005
Frequency Area: U.S./Canada/Mexico, Z-Wave Library Model: 4.53
Software Categories: Gateway Controllers,Controllers
Supported Command Categories: Safety,Alarm Sensor,Multilevel Sensor,Transfer Multilevel V2,Consumer Code,Wake Up,Binary Transfer,Battery,Door Lock,Affiliation,Alarm,Configuration,Clock,Thermostat: (;Setpoint)
Managed Command Categories: Consumer Code,Alarm,Alarm Sensor,Safety,Multilevel Transfer,Multilevel Sensor,Door Lock,Configuration,Clock,Binary Transfer,Battery,Affiliation,Transfer Multilevel V2,Wake


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