Hubbell Wiring Systems USB15X2BK USB Receptacle

USB Charger Tamper-Resistant Receptacle
Two USB Type 2.0 Ports 3 Amp
DC Voltage: 5

Hubbell’s USB charger Receptacle supplies each USB and electric power in an ordinary single gang electric opening. Designed to offer more charging choices for private electronics, the USB ports are in a position to charging two tablets concurrently. The tamper-resistant Taste Line decorator shops supply further power for appliance use. They’re Ideal to be used in renovation, new development and so as to add capability for USB charging. These chargers are particularly suited to be used in universities, dormitories, hotels, hospitals, scientific labs, restaurants, airports, study rooms and houses. They’re designed to be used with merchandise such because the Apple iPod, iPod, iPhone, and different USB compatible merchandise together with Pill Computers, GPS, Good Phones, Mobile Phones, Digital Readers, and MP3 Avid gamers.
USB Charger Tamper-Resistant Receptacle
Two USB Kind 2.0 Ports 3 Amp
DC Voltage: 5
Amperage: 15
125 Volt AC Decorator Duplex


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