GE Ground Fault Receptacle

Stops current flow when dangerous ground faults occur
Includes matching decorative style wall plate
Meets UL 943 testing requirements

Insulate and give protection to from electric shock with the GE Ground Fault Receptacle. The bottom fault receptacle stops the present glide when dangerous ground faults happen. Ground faults may end up from frayed wiring in appliances, faulty electrical connections or handling electrical appliances with wet hands. A hazardous ground fault occurs when the human body becomes a trail by which electricity travels to The bottom. This GFCI electronically detects very low levels of electrical ground faults and briefly shuts off the facility, preventing serious shock. GFCIs will have to be installed in bogs, kitchens and close to swimming pools because ground faults are especially hazardous in damp spaces and close to water. Additionally it is a good suggestion to make use of GFCIs in laundry rooms, workshops and basements. It easily replaces a normal 125 volt duplex receptacle. The whole lot you want to put in this GE Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter is enclosed. The one tool you want is a screwdriver Wiring is simple and takes only some minutes.
Stops current glide when dangerous ground faults happen
Includes matching decorative taste wall plate
Meets UL 943 checking out necessities
Screws included – best tool wanted is a screwdriver


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