Gavita Pro 600e SE (300-660 Watt) 120/240 Volt

Product Number: 906086

The Gavita Professional 600e SE is a part of the brand new Gavita e-collection fixtures which are Appropriate for far off regulate with the Gavita Grasp Controllers. Supplied with a 1190 umol s-1 600W 400V digital prime frequency lamp it produces extra gentle than some other 600W fixture. The HR96 reflector is replaceable. You’ll be able to regulate the brand new Professional 600e SE with the dial at the fixture (dim to 300W in steps of 100W, spice up to 660W) or with the Grasp Controller for complete linear regulate. Appropriate for lighting fixtures a 11 squareft house with reasonable 1000 umol s-1 m-2. Unit features a 240 V energy wire. A 120 V wire can also be bought one after the other. 1 year guaranty at the lamp.


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