Epica Clear Cotton Ball & Swab Organizer

• Clear acrylic lets you see what’s inside
• 2 compartments with lids for cotton balls, swabs, cosmetic pads and more
• Easy to clean with soap and water


Are your individual hygiene essentials buried in a drawer since the plastic bags and cardboard boxes they came in are so ugly and messy? There is a better way! The Epica Organizer is just right-taking a look enough to live to tell the tale the counter-best, keeping the whole lot at your fingertips and making your cleansing and makeup application routines more straightforward than ever.

2 Compartments for Cotton Balls, Swabs, Cosmetic Pads and More

The Epica Organizer is made out of two compartments in graduated sizes, designed especially for containing cotton balls and swabs. But you’ll be able to keep anything else you wish to have in these versatile containers, from makeup remover pads to razor blades. Each and every compartment has its own lid to keep the contents dry and mud-free.

Clear Acrylic for Style and Durability

The see-through acrylic and stylish design blend with any decor at the same time as it frees up drawer space. It is strong and break-resistant, so there are not any worries about rest room hazards. Plus, It is Simple to wash with a handy guide a rough swipe of soap and water. You’ll be able to surprise how you ever were given along with out it!

• Clear acrylic permits you to see what’s inside of
• 2 compartments with lids for cotton balls, swabs, cosmetic pads and more
• Simple to wash with soap and water
• Break-resistant
• 6″L x 3.375″W x 3.625″H











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