Electri-Chef 16 in. Safire Tabletop Electric Grill

Dimensions: 19.5L x 16W x 11H inches
Made of durable stainless steel
Powder-coated finish for lasting beauty

High-grade construction and an appealing brand new design make the Electri-Chef 16 Inch Safire Tabletop Electric Grill a smart, fun addition to any kitchen. This grill is crafted to offer years of delicious grilling. It’s the so much user-friendly grill available on the market. Just plug in, set temperature, and start grilling. With a big drip tray, cleanup is a snap. Plus, the Safire is To be had in a few attractive color options so you’ll enjoy a custom look that accents your decor.   This Electri-Chef Table Top Grill lets someone benefit from the thrill of out of doors cooking. Use it anywhere there’s a proper outlet, be it the countertop, campground, patio, or porch. The table top design of this grill ensures that it is protected to be used in so much places. Four legs raise the grill, allowing you to apply it to a table or other work surface without worry.   This grill has some of the features you’d expect from a big propane grill. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert, this grill can maintain it all. And because it is compact and portable, you’ll use the Safire almost about anywhere.   About Electri-Chef Grills Electi-Chef Grills are designed and crafted in Temple, Texas- right within the heart of barbecue country. Electri-Chef proudly makes their flameless electric grills in the usA. Their expertly crafted, commercial-quality products have been selected to be used at resort hotels and condominiums during the US. With Electri-Chef Grills, customers enjoy resilient top-grade materials, substantial energy savings, and so much importantly, delectable food that is grilled to perfection, time and time again. Dimensions: 19.5L x 16W x 11H inches. Made of durable chrome steel. Powder-coated finish for lasting beauty. To be had in a few popular colors. 2300 watts of cooking power. Stainless steels legs raise grill to offer protection to table top. Cool-touch maintain for protected opening. Built-in timer and thermometer. Large shuttle tray for simple cleanup. Grill comes fully assembled.
Dimensions: 19.5L x 16W x 11H inches
Made of durable chrome steel
Powder-coated finish for lasting beauty
To be had in a few popular colors
2300 watts of cooking power














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