Cooper Wiring Devices RFTDCSG Tabletop Controller

Blue LCD screen with icon menu navigation for easy viewing
Create and edit up to 64 scenes
Create, edit and schedule up to 32 events

Aspire RF Tabletop Controller (RFTDCSG) is needed as an install device for the programming and configuration of a Cooper Wiring Units’ Z-Wave® community. The Tabletop Controller is used as a wi-fi controller to keep watch over and configure Units (dimmers, switches, receptacles, plug-in modules and equipment Units), scenes, occasions and gadget settings. One controller, referred to as the Number one is needed per every Z-Wave community, however more than one controllers can be utilized within the community as Secondary controllers and as many secondary controllers can be utilized as desired inside the community. Aspire RF provides customers the next alternatives of Z-Wave compliant controllers: Hand held (RFHDCSG), Tabletop (RFTDCSG), USB (RFUSB or RFUSB-PRO) or SD Card (RFMCC).
Blue LCD reveal with icon menu navigation for simple viewing
Create and edit as much as 64 scenes
Create, edit and schedule as much as 32 occasions
Ready to Come with/Exclude and configure as much as 231 Units
Menu & Again buttons supply user hot keys


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