Composting worms – 5,200 red wigglers

5,200 Hundred live Red Worms / Red Wiggles
Release 2-3 worms per sq.ft. 5,200 Earthworms
Red Worms are Nature’s Garbage Disposal

The most efficient worms for composting are red worms. Redworms will aggressively feed and reproduce in typical compost and garden conditions, leaving their castings as food to your plants! For compost bins: Add 1,200 of red worms for your bin, and feed ceaselessly. Red worms love cardboard and paper. A layer of moistened cardboard or newspaper on best of your compost will bring the worms to the feeding areas where you add new waste. Simply pull up the card or paper and drop the waste materials in. Worms don’t like meat, but flies do! So keep your compost vegetarian: fruit, vegetable, and garden waste, at the side of non-glossy paper. Make certain that indoor compost bins are well drained. Any juices that drain from your compost bin are referred to as “compost tea,” and can be utilized as a potent fertilizer for out of doors plants. Garden Areas: Dig 6 inch diameter, 1 foot deep holes a couple of feet apart regardless that out the garden. Fill with water and let drain. Put one or two handfuls of worms in each and every hole, fill loosely with soil and compost (cuttings, table scraps, and the like.) This will likely give the worms a handy guide a rough meal. Water the world and apply mulch if imaginable over and across the holes. Keep the world watered. Compost Pile: Place worms at the bottom of 4 inches of loose soil. Keep damp as you continue so as to add decaying organic subject matter. What to Feed Your Worms: Fruit: apples, pears, banana peels, strawberries, peaches and all melons Vegetables: beans, cabbage, celery, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, all greens, corn, corncobs and squash Cereals and grains: oatmeal, pasta, rice, non-sugared breakfast cereals, corn meal, pancakes Miscellaneous: coffee filter out paper, tea bags, eggshells, dead flowers Other food/bedding: newspaper (no shiny or coated paper), cardboard, paperboard, paper egg cartons, brown leaves Do Now not Feed: Non-biodegradable materials, plastic, rubber bands, sponges, aluminum foil, glass, & pet feces. Go Green!!
5,200 Hundred Are living Red Worms / Red Wiggles
Unencumber 2-3 worms per sq.ft. 5,200 Earthworms
Red Worms are Nature’s Garbage Disposal
These Red Worms turn Organic Waste into Nutrient Wealthy Soil!
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