Chapin Professional SureSpread Push Spreader – 8400C

Poly Hopper Capacity: 100 LBS.
Stainless steel frame, stainless steel linkage, stainless steel t-handle
Enclosed gearbox w/ grease fitting ; Gears made of metal-alloy material

The enclosed gearbox and durable Stainless-steel frame at the Chapin Professional SureSpread Push Spreader 8400C make it in a position to handling all sorts of out of doors spreading tasks every season of the year.

Perfect to be used around the house and garden, the Chapin 8400C can be utilized to spread granular fertilizers, granular herbicides, grass seed, and more to lawn and turf for lawn maintenance within the spring and summer seasons. In winter, you’ll be able to use the Chapin 8400C to appropriately spread ice melt and salt to ice-stricken areas like pathways, sidewalks, walkways, and so on.

You don’t have to fret about uneven spread patterns with the printed spreader’s cutting edge spread keep watch over pattern that provides you with precise spread pattern keep watch over of your materials. Large 14″ wide air-filled tires provide very good stability and smooth traction on lawns and terrain. Poly hopper with enclosed gearbox is fully supported by the durable Stainless-steel frame.

Featured at the Chapin 8400C Professional Push Spreader is SureSpread technology for accurate product distribution and spread patterns with an cutting edge gate design, gate opening placement, gate adjustment for fertilizer and seed applications, and spread pattern directional keep watch over.

Rain cover and hopper grate are included. The rain cover protects the fabric throughout the hopper from rain, snow, and the outside elements. The hopper grate prevents clogs within the gate, making improvements to product waft.

NOTE: The Chapin 8400C is a replacement for the 82100. It’s most commonly the similar spreader with some improvements made to it.

Poly Hopper Capacity: 100 LBS.
Stainless-steel frame, Stainless-steel linkage, Stainless-steel t-take care of
Enclosed gearbox w/ grease fitting ; Gears product of metal-alloy subject material
14″ wide pneumatic tires
Includes rain cover and hopper grate


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