Chapin 81000Z Assembled 80-Pound Capacity Broadcast Spreader

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80-pound capacity heavy-duty hopoper with durable powder-coated steel frame
Ergonomically designed bail system with adjustable gate opening for a variety of seed and fertilizer applications

The Chapin eighty-pound capability turf broadcast spreader comes with a rugged, heavy-accountability hopper, powder-lined metal body, ergonomically designed bail machine and enclosed tools field. Adjustable gate starting for numerous seeds and fertilizer programs. 10-inch pneumatic tires supply balance over asymmetric surfaces. Comes assembled, simply connect the maintain and cross!
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eighty-pound capability heavy-accountability hopoper with sturdy powder-lined metal body
Ergonomically designed bail machine with adjustable gate starting for numerous seed and fertilizer programs
10-inch pneumatic tires for simple maneuvering on asymmetric surfaces
Assembled, simply connect the maintain and cross


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