California Air Tools CAT-10020DSPCAD Ultra Quiet & Oil-Free 2.0 Hp 10.0 Gal. Air Compressor with Air Dryer, White

Ultra quiet only 58 Decibels
Oil-Free pump for less maintenance & costs
Air drying system

The CALIFORNIA AIR TOOLS 10020DSPC Ultra Quiet & Oil-Free Air Compressor is designed to be some of the quietest 2.0 horse power air compressors within the industry having best 58 decibels of sound. The Robust 2.0 HP motor operates at best 1680 RPM creating less noise, vibration and creating less wear. The Oil-Free Dual Piston Pump System is engineered for longevity, prime performance and sturdiness. The SP-9421 Motor/Pump is tested for a minimum pump lifetime of 3000 hours before service. 30% more life before repair. Large 10 gallon steel air tank. The Air Dryer is specially designed to take away the water vapor from the air to offer protection to sensitive tools and machinery. To dry the air from the air compressor an After cooler and Dryer are utilized. The after cooler is a warmth exchanger for cooling the release air from the air compressor. The water vapor from the compressed air is condensed into liquid form and pushed into the Air Dryer. The robust large steel cabinet on caster wheels makes it more straightforward to transport and decreases the noise level. The inner of the cupboard is lined with acoustic sound proofing foam insulation to scale back the air compressor’s noise and vibration. The 2 latching door handles permits for simple get entry to to the air compressor. The 2 exhaust fans are designed to take away the air from the cupboard for a cooler running air compressor. EZ-1-2321 Auto Drain Valve Factory Installed. The California Air Tools EZ-1 Automatic Drain Valve has been designed to do away with manually draining your air compressor air tank. The manually set timer permits you to set the time for both the frequency and duration of the draining process. This air compressor is perfect for any person working inside of (workplace, shop, store, warehouse or home) where noise is a massive issue.
Ultra quiet best 58 Decibels
Oil-Free pump for less upkeep & costs
Air drying system
Robust 2.0 HP (rated/ running)
Sound proof steel cabinet with swivel wheels


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