Bates Stage Pin (60A / 125V) Female Panel Mount Double Set Screw

60A 125V Feminine Level Pin Panel Mount with a Double Set Screw Twine Connection60FR-DSS For 30 years, Bates Level pins have been the business same old for Level lights units. Our Bates connectors are product of a extreme temperature tolerant thermoplastic compound. This thermoplastic performs in extreme temperatures and is very sturdy and resilient to punishing impacts. Bates Level pin connectors be offering years of dependable service in essentially the most demanding environments. Our pins are made from cast brass rod machined to +/- 0.0005″ tolerance even as permitting the pins to waft which permits certain alignment and pin contact that’s crucial to software existence. Precision slotted and crimped Feminine contacts are sized to offer constant spring contact pressure even if the pins are broken. The 2 piece strain relief incorporates quite a lot of Twine sizes. Produced from Thermal Resistant Nylon 500 deg F Accepts #6 or #8 AWG Twine


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