B1EW1001B Earthway Precision Garden Seeder by SUNBELT OUTDOOR PRODUCTS

Earthway Precision Lawn Seeder. PART NO: B1EW1001B. Takes The Quesswork Out Of Planting Any Row Crop. How It Works: (1) Set up One Of Precision Seed Plates That Absolute best Suits Your Seed. (2) Modify The Intensity Of Planting On The Flooring Opener. (three) Set 30”; Lengthy Row Marker For The Favored Width. (four) Fill Seed Hopper With Seeds And Start Pushing In Smartly Tilled Soil. The Effects Will Discuss For Themselves Whilst Days Later You Glance At Your Lawn And See All The Row Plants Come Out Of The Flooring Completely At The Comparable Time, Making You The Envy Of All Gardners Who Do not Have One! (1)Comprises The Following Precision Seed Plates: (2)Candy Corn (three)Radishes, Leeks, Spinach (four)Carrots, Lettuce, Turnips (five)Beans, Small Peas (6)Jumbo Peas (7)Beets, Okra, Swiss Chard. . MODELS: (Miscellaneous) (Undefined): SEVERAL


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