Algreen Terra Tumbling Composter, 55 Gallon

Sliding access door
Integrated grip handles
Durable center axle

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The Terra twin-batch tumbling composter is a realistic, yet sublime strategy to get rid of natural waste and convert it into compost on your garden. The simple-to-tumble composter reduces the want to manually flip compost piles. On the similar time, the patented twin-batch gadget prevents compost blending and speeds up the composting procedure. Options come with: a 55 gallon (7.35 cubic foot) drum, twin-batch separator, protected, additional-wide sliding lid (to facilitate filling and emptying each from the highest and the ground), rodent-evidence design, a drain for compost tea and a rust-resistant (powder covered), snap-lock metal body
Sliding get entry to door
Built-in grip handles
Sturdy heart axle


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