Agent Buddy Training Switch Adapter for RJ9/RJ10/RJ22 connections (HM-RJ9)

Dual control with 2 mute buttons. Compact for storage when not in use.
Listen-in only or train/take over call
Works with wired or wireless headsets or a mix


Facet-through-Facet Coaching is a key ingredient of any call heart Coaching program. This simply were given more uncomplicated with the introduction of a small headset adaptor. The Agent Pal Coaching Transfer makes Facet-through-Facet Coaching simple to reach. There are two separate mute buttons which permit either the teacher or the advisor to simply sign up for or leave the conversation. EU RoHS Compliant. Compatible Phones: Aastra/Packet8/8×8 480e, 480i, 53i, 55i, 57i, 57iCT, 6753i, 6755i, 6757i, 9112i, 9133i, 9143i, 9480i AltiGen IP Telephone 500, 510, 600, 705, 710, 720 Avaya 4600 Series IP – 2420, 4610SW, 4612, 4620SW, 5610SW ESI GE Fashion 2-9451 Inter-Tel 8520, 8560, 8600, 8620, 8660, 8662, 8690 Lucent 8410D Mitel IP 4015, 4025, 4125, 4150 5000, 5010, 5020, 5040, 5055, 5140, 5201, 5205, 5207, 5210, 5212, 5215, 5220, 5224, 5230, 5235, 5240, 5250, 5312, 5324, 5340, 5550 NEC DT330, DTP-8, DTP-8D, DTP-sixteen, DTP-16D, DTP-32, DTP-32D, DTU-8, DTU-8D, DTU-sixteen, DTU-16D, DTU-32, DTU-32D,DTH-8, DTH-8D, DTH-sixteen, DTH-16D, DTH-32, DTH-32D Norstar T7316E, M3904 Nortel IP 1120E IP, 1140E IP, 1150E IP, i2002 and i2004, 1230 Nortel Meridian Norstar Northern Telecom: T7316, T7316E, M7310, M7208, M7308, M7316, M7324, M7900, M2216, M3903, M3904, M3905, M5208, M5209, M5216, M5317, M8001, M8003, SL100 Panasonic Hybrid Plantronics T10 Polycom SoundPoint IP Telephone: 300, 301, 335, 430, 500, 501, 550, 600, 601, 650, 670 Polycom SoundPoint IP Telephone: 670 Possum Sero Shoretel IP100, IP212K, IP230, IP530 Siemens Talkswitch IP Telephone, TS-six hundred Toshiba: Strata CIX, DP5022-SD, DP5023-SD, DP5018-S, DP5000-series, DKT 3001, 3010S, 3020S, 3020SD, 3014SDL 3COM 3102, 3103 No longer Compatible with: Ativa, Cisco
Twin keep an eye on with 2 mute buttons. Compact for storage when No longer in use.
Concentrate-in handiest or educate/take over call
Works with stressed or wireless headsets or a mixture
Use with Agent, Plantronics, Jabra and Sennheiser headsets
Works with such a lot telephones that experience an RJ9 connection. Best possible for Call Centers.


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