Aeon Labs AEDSC19103ZWUS Micro Smart Energy Illuminator G2

Adds Z-Wave wireless control to an existing light switch
Works with single-pole and 3-way switches
Accepts dim/brighten commands

Turn your existing light switch into a remote controlled switch with the Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Micro Illuminator In-Wall Light Dimmer, G2. Designed to suit neatly within the wall in the back of your switch, the Z-Wave Micro Illuminator is totally hidden from view. Just clutch a Z-Wave controller, point, and click on for remote keep an eye on of your switched light! The Micro Illuminator receives on/off commands for the sunshine as a person module or as a part of a scene. It also accepts dim/brighten commands when used with dimmable bulbs. Press a button and experience best lighting fixtures! As a part of Aeon Labs’ Generation 2 series, the G2 Z-Wave Micro Illuminator is smaller and more reliable than the unique model. The switch receives wireless Z-Wave commands as much as 50 feet away out of your Z-Wave controller or gateway. The G2 sensor’s more compact design (simplest 1.8 cm deep) also is helping to make sure compatibility with all in-wall appliance switches. Along with Z-Wave technology, the Z-Wave Micro Illuminator also features an integrated energy meter that can assist you manage your energy consumption and cut back costs. Energy consumption shall be displayed within the user interface of the gateway/controller (if supported). For much more energy savings, put the switch on a timer the use of a compatible Z-Wave timer or software (sold one at a time). The switch uses your existing wires, whether or not the wiring is unassuming or complex. Use the switch in single-pole applications or in 3-wire/3-method installations.
Adds Z-Wave wireless keep an eye on to an existing light switch
Works with single-pole and three-method switches
Accepts dim/brighten commands
Built-in meter monitors energy consumption
Wireless range as much as 50 feet from controller


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