20 Amp Heavy Duty 12 Volt On/off Wireless Remote Control Switch

Extended Wireless Range
Remote has Collapsible Antennae & Button Cover
Convenient Keychain Clip

Wireless Regulate any 12-volt accent as much as 20 amps. 12-volt On/Off Remote Regulate lets you flip your 12-volt auxiliary lighting fixtures on or off from the operator’s seat with out the hassles of wires throughout the firewall. Ideal to be used with apparatus fastened on ATVs, utility cars, lawn tractors or pickup hitches, electrical boat winches, perform bilge pumps on boats, get started cattle misters, in addition to for Regulate of waterfowl decoys for more realistic actions. Simple-to-install remote Regulate module connects between the battery and 12 volt accent. A convenient key-chain remote with clip is then used to show your apparatus off and on. Module options Fast connectors or can also be arduous-stressed out.
Extended Wireless Vary
Remote has Collapsible Antennae & Button Duvet
Convenient Keychain Clip
Rear View Appearing Power In and Power Out Hookups
Fast Connect Into FIMCO Merchandise Or Twine Into All 12 Volt Merchandise Up To 20 Amps


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