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5 Common Garbage Disposal Problems and How to Fix Them

Are you struggling with serious garbage disposal issues? Do you wish to maintain a clean kitchen free from a smelly clogged sink? If yes, there are five common garbage disposal problems you can fix yourself without having to call a handyman.

#1 Power

Are you wondering why your disposal unit doesn’t function properly when it is turned on? If yes, check if there is power supplied to the disposal. If you know how to check this – you should begin with it! The circuit breakers and fuse box has to be verified. If power is supplied to the unit, take a look at the disposer’s bottom. Most disposers come with a small red button. This is the reset button. As the motor gets overheated or overloaded, the red button pops out. You can reset it by pressing the button inwards. Now, your disposal unit should start functioning normally.

#2 Jams

Does your disposal system jam very frequently? When certain substances are disposed in the system, the entire garbage unit is likely to jam. Things like vegetable matter, glass, husks, leaves and food can jam the garbage disposal unit. You should free all these jams to get the unit working. Never clean the disposal system with your hands. Always use tongs or pliers!

#3 Leaks

Does your garbage disposal unit leak? These leaks are caused due to faulty drainage connections. In most cases, the leak would begin from the drain pipe. You can fix the leak by using a rubber gasket. Always make sure the ring near the sink is tightly installed. If there are leaks from the unit’s body, you should replace the entire disposal system.

#4 Loud Noises

Some people find their garbage disposal system very noisy. This could be due to objects in the unit. Bones, metal pieces and glasses can cause a racket in the unit. A few other reasons for loud noises in the garbage system could be worn out bearings, loose screws and broken blades. In such cases, you should clean and repair the garbage disposal system. Bear in mind that faulty units can increase your energy bills and be very inefficient.

#5 Clogs

Do you wish to fix a clog in your disposal? This is a common problem faced by many users. After clearing out any food scraps out of the garbage disposal, try using a drain clog remover like Drano to break up the clog. If that doesn’t work, you must disassemble the entire system. Once the clog is cleared, you can reassemble and verify if the clog is gone permanently.

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